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Consulting on PAR

Participatory Action Research (PAR) promotes democratic, inclusive, and anti-racist research methods. Elements of PAR can be incorporated into a wide variety of research projects, including survey research, qualitative studies, ethnography, program evaluations, the design of new programs or services, and much more. However, every project looks different and often requires planning and troubleshooting along the way. If you are a researcher, research center, or organization that would like to incorporate more PAR-based approaches into your work, I am happy to provide consulting services. 

Types of Consulting Services

1. Planning: If you are still in the planning stage of your research project, I can help you design your project to be as participatory, educational, and action-oriented as possible. This can include help with (a) creating collaborative relationships with your research population; (b) co-designing your research questions and methods; (c) working with IRB, funders, and university bureaucracies; (d) developing participatory dissemination and action plans. 

2. Ongoing support: PAR projects often require revision and troubleshooting along the way. If you find that your project is unfolding in unanticipated ways or could benefit from more collaborative practices, I'm happy to help you brainstorm ways to address challenges or ethical dilemmas. 

3. PAR Trainings: Individual scholars and research teams can often benefit from training in Participatory Action Research. I provide personalized PAR trainings and will develop a curriculum that combines a general education on PAR with the specificities of your project/organization, and tailor it to the number of people and hours you need.

4. Other services: If you or your organization need PAR-related services not listed here, please reach out and I may be able to help.

Consulting fees and terms can be negotiated based on the organization's needs and financial circumstances. 


If you are interested in learning more about my consulting services, I am happy to meet for a free 30-minute appointment.

To schedule a meeting, please contact me at

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