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Select Fellowships & Awards


Democratic Anxieties in the Americas Research Grants, Social Science Research


Faculty Research Award, “The Impact of the Pandemic in Brazil’s Urban

Slums,” Tufts University


Tisch Faculty Fellow, Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, Tufts




Best Dissertation Award, American Sociological Association

Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Dissertation Award, Collective Behavior and Social Movements Section of the American Sociological Association

Honorable Mention, Best Article Award for “Rethinking Favela Governance: Nonviolent Politics in Rio de Janeiro’s Gang Territories,” Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict Section of the American Sociological Association

American Short-Term Research Publication Grant, American Association of University Women




Co-Honorable Mention, Student Paper Prize for “Activism Under Fire: Governance and Citizenship in Rio de Janeiro's Conflict Zones,” Sociology of Development Section of the American Sociological Association


Community Action Research Initiative Grant, American Sociological Association



Alma J. Young Emerging Scholar Award, Urban Affairs Association

Dean’s Graduate Fellowship, Humanities Center, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Northeastern University

Public and Applied Sociology Award, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Northeastern University

Alternate & Honorable Mention, Dissertation Fellowship, Ford Foundation




Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, Law and Social Sciences Divisions of the National Science Foundation

Best Paper Presented by a Junior Scholar, “When the Police Come to Town: Safety and Order in a Rio de Janeiro Militarized Community,” presented by the Defense, Public Security, and Democracy Section of the Latin American Studies Association

Student Paper Competition Winner, “Rethinking Urban Militarism: Lessons from Rio de Janeiro’s ‘Favela Pacification Program,’” presented by the Conflict, Social Action and Change Division of the Society for the Study of Social Problems

Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award, Office of the President, Northeastern University


Graduate Thesis/Dissertation Research Grant, Office of the Provost, Northeastern University

Departmental Fellowship for Graduate Study, Northeastern University

University Excellence Fellowship, Northeastern University

Teaching Assistantship, Northeastern University

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